Pair of Dimes

by Terrain

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She drops a dime...standing in line
For the second cup of black crack...half-past nine
She noticed, but it just isn't worth her time
She's being paid well, so it's all fine
Dropping seventeen dollars per day on this habit
Ten cents doesn't even take a stab at it
The rush of the stimulant has made her an addict
But just watch another drug surpass it
Classic...she's a slave to achievement
Ask it...she says she doesn't believe
She masks it...behind a drape, she weaves her basket
With the branch of an oak tree
Free...just like the torch she holds
Liberty let's her run for gold
Not silver like the other dime in her pocket
She doesn't even care whether or not she's got it
Stopped while walking to the office
Not a good time to be honest
Change is hers to withhold
She's drawn a line and she just won't cross it
Why would she give her money or time
To him or anybody inclined to waste it on their addictions
"God, how can they be so blind"

We sit tall in our paradigms
It's clear to all that there are lines
When judgement burns, we should bear in mind
What we can learn from a pair of dimes

He's six...hanging with his buddies on the playground
Recess today means muddy boots and rain gowns
Gathering around a puddle, trying to drown
As many earthworms as they could possibly impound
Suddenly, it's like the volume turned down
All but one girl who's making all the sound
Yelling something out about what she just found
She spoke a different language...her skin a shade of brown
She was new in town...her family immigrated
Indonesian refugees who barely made it
Here to start over after home was invaded
Armies of terror burned villages they raided
Hated because of the branch of their faith
Segregated...ya, they knew they weren't safe
So they fled with nothing more than their clothes
Daddy's dead...only mommy and her bros
That small silver her it was a prize
That little boy...he could see it in her eyes
It was just a dime...tho he didn't understand
"Here, have mine" as he held out his hand
If it meant so much, she might as well have two
He sort of felt touched, though he had no clue
It seemed to make her smile...that's all that he knew
Leave it to a child to see clear through


released July 20, 2012
Beat by Fabric
Vocals by Terrain

Copyright 2012 Poetic Pilgrims Music



all rights reserved


Kwest Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Far from the stereotypical rapper, Kwest and his brand of music is not so easy to define. Some may call it organic hip hop for the soul, while others could say it borders on alternative rap with strong R&B influences. Kwest's signature sound combines introspective and philosophical lyrics, soulful and emotional production choices and smooth melodic vocals, offering a little something for everyone. ... more

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