Mind Full

by Kwest

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Every particle and molecule...air or the earth
So much escapes notice...it's an error of worth
I feel I've got to know this if I care for rebirth
The sun is trying to shine...there's a glare on my turf
But my eyes struggle to see through the lies covering me
It's no surprise, because I've been living in a system smothering me
With empty promises of peace...to be honest, it's a beast
It's an optimist economist's "grim" to say the least
Nevertheless I focus on whatever will get the most withdrawn
For me and those closest I'm killing myself...the moments gone
Such a waste of all that is...all that could be promises
If I step away from this, I'll find my way to bliss

Just stop...
Just listen...
Just see...
What I'm missing

When I look into the eyes of my little boy...the wonder and amazement
Taking over his face when he's seeing a pile of junk hidden down in the basement
Or hearing the sound of a black fly's buzz on the casement
There's no replacement for that sort of a grace and
I'm feeling like a man who's lived inside of a cave and
I'm finally making my way back to finding my birth place, man
I seem to be walking it backwards so far in this race and
I want to quit
I can hear it resonate in each verse I spit
I've been sleeping awake and I'll be first to admit
Ignorance is a snake and I've been hurt by its grip
When it handed me a shake, I was cursed by a sip
Left thirsting for truth, but so choked with blindness
A pilgrim in pursuit, but I've been walking it mindless
Feeling sort of cold, but unaware of the climate
But I'm going to dig until my blind eyes find it

What's to see in the branches of a tree?
What's to hear in a child's nightmare?
What's to discover in the touch of a lover?
What's to be found in the absence of audible sound?
What's to know in a star's distant glow?
What's to grasp in a menial task?
What's to gain in the loss of many things?
What's to find in the depths of your own mind?


released February 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Kwest Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Far from the stereotypical rapper, Kwest and his brand of music is not so easy to define. Some may call it organic hip hop for the soul, while others could say it borders on alternative rap with strong R&B influences. Kwest's signature sound combines introspective and philosophical lyrics, soulful and emotional production choices and smooth melodic vocals, offering a little something for everyone. ... more

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