Live Again

by Terrain

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When the leaves have all fallen...time is crawling slow
A tree is stuck recalling the life before the snow
Before it goes into deep sleep...that one final look
The last sentence on a page of an unfinished book
Pages made from the branches of an ancestor's seed
Released to the land...then broken, but freed
Open, indeed, to a gift and a curse
Life is full of growth, but death comes first
What's worse...the it keeps coming back
It keeps pulling expand, it contracts
It's a fact that we've all got a similar fate
It comes back to the fact that we all have to wait
Some seasons we hate...with all loss, no gain
No smiles, all sun, it's all rain
But the rain makes way for the sun to bring hope
The night defines day...until it comes, we all cope

I believe trees can live again
I believe sleep is not the end
I believe dreams are still a friend
Going to see new leaves again

You work your hands to the bone just for something you can own
Something you and you alone can take some pride in and call it home
When it's not working out, you're hanging fruit like tree ornaments
Looks real but feels fake to the branches you adorn them with
You've worn them for so long, they're permanently there
Permanently sharing a space that was once bare
You once numb to the principles declared
Unsure about tomorrow, but you're still not scared
It's still not fair how the frost stole your colour
How it bleached your world...what you lost, now covered
In a tomb's time capsule...never to recover
But every leaf fallen can be replaced by another
When the springtime returns, life comes with it
When sunshine burns, life comes with it
When the springtime returns, life comes with it
Revealing what you comes with it

The night is so dark and the wind is so cold
But I believe...I believe
My roots seem brittle...don't know if they can hold
But I believe...I believe
Everything around is so bleak to behold
But I believe...I believe
So much of the story is yet to be told


released January 1, 2012
Beat by Vintage
Vocals by Terrain

Copyright 2012 Poetic Pilgrims Music



all rights reserved


Kwest Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Far from the stereotypical rapper, Kwest and his brand of music is not so easy to define. Some may call it organic hip hop for the soul, while others could say it borders on alternative rap with strong R&B influences. Kwest's signature sound combines introspective and philosophical lyrics, soulful and emotional production choices and smooth melodic vocals, offering a little something for everyone. ... more

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